How to ensure your clothing fits when shopping

How to ensure your clothing fits when shopping


When shopping online, especially for the first time, it can be scary deciding which size is the correct size. Therefore this blog aims to explore how to ensure you choose the right size, what clothing best suits your body type, how to make sure the clothing you pick fits your style/aesthetic and how to make your clothing fit you better. Furthermore, many customers rely on reviews, for example, Review sites uk. These review sites are crucial as they provide critical feedback from previous customers’ experiences. For example, if you are thinking of shopping at Boohoo, one can look at boohoo reviews.

How to make sure you get the correct size

Online shopping is slowly beginning to become the new way of shopping, especially for clothing. Therefore there are a few ways to ensure that you get the right size to fit your body correctly. Namely, you want to measure yourself. This is especially important because many brands’ sizes will differ. For example, a size ten jeans may fit, but they may feel too tight or too big in another brand’s size ten. Therefore you want to measure your waist, bust, hips, chest and stomach and use those measurements when buying clothing, not the sizing. Moreover,¬† many websites have specific sizing charts. Therefore, when looking at their clothing, it is imperative to use their sizing chart to ensure you get the correct size catered for your size and measurements.

What clothing best suits your body type 

Another way to ensure your clothing will fit and look flattering is dressing towards your body type. There are usually four distinct body types; pear, hourglass, apple and athletic shape. When it comes to a pear body shape, you want to wear a top with bell sleeves and a cowl neckline which is usually fitted to draw raw attention to your waist. Moreover, bootcut and flared jeans are great. On the other hand, you want to wear clothing that highlights the waist and neckline for an hourglass body shape. Therefore tops such as a wrap top are perfect.

Moreover, anything high-waisted (skirts, jeans, etc.) is ideal for an hourglass figure. Any tops that are A-line, V-neck and relaxed for an apple shape are perfect. For jeans, both skinny and bootcut look great. Lastly, stick to halter neck, strapless, and racerback style tops for an athletic shape. For jeans, skinny jeans and leggings are great.

How to make sure your clothing fits your style

When purchasing clothing that fits a particular style or aesthetic, it is essential to know your style. Doing so will make finding clothing easier. Furthermore, one can distinguish their style by researching and looking at trends. In addition, it may be beneficial to get custom made clothing. This is ideal if you wish to stand out and have clothing that is one of a kind and can not be found online.

Tips on how to make your clothes fit better

If you have purchased clothing online and it does not fit you exactly, but you do not want to return it, here is how to make it work. If your clothing is too big, belts are your best friends as they help make the clothes fit better, but they also add definition. Furthermore, you can get the clothing tailored to fit you better. In addition, if your pant leg is too long, wearing heels can shorten it. It is imperative to know your measurements and body type when shopping online for clothing. Furthermore, it is essential to use the website’s measurement chart.