Dress to Attend a Simple Graduation but Beautiful and Still Charming

Dress to Attend a Simple Graduation but Beautiful and Still Charming

Graduation is a very happy momentum for someone named the student. Because graduation is the final sign of the completion of the struggle on the lecture bench. Well, as someone who is going to attend a graduation event, especially as a graduation companion, of course, you have to choose Graduation dress that fit the momentum of graduation that is sacred and formal.

You don’t know what you want to wear to attend graduation? Confused if you want to look formal but afraid to say tacky? Don’t need to be confused, dear! Here are the dress tips to attend graduation.

Choose Dress that Absorbs Sweat

Graduation takes place not only 1-2 hours but lasts from morning to noon. Not to mention the condition of the room that had been air-conditioned suddenly became hot because of the many people who were in the room. Not to mention after the graduation procession ended, there are still other stages, namely the photo session. Well, in this session you are required to still look beautiful, you can’t sweat dear.

When choosing dress to attend graduation that need to be considered is the type of material used. The material that should be chosen is a material that can absorb sweat well.

Maxi Clothing?

You can choose a plain blouse with cotton that can absorb sweat well. A plain blouse as his boss and choose batik cloth as his subordinate dear. Choose colors that are soft and calm for the daytime event such as the White graduation dresses.

You can also use a long and wide skirt as a subordinate. And match it with a white top. You will look very graceful, dear.

In addition, you can also match your maxi skirt with plain shirts with pastel colors, dear. Don’t forget to use a matching colored pashmina too. Even though it looks simple, this outfit will be successful, making you look beautiful and feminine.

Casual at the Graduation Ceremony

Who has a casual fashion style, just calm dear! You can still apply it when you attend graduation. Use a cotton dress then match it with a simple pashmina. In the end, you can use flat shoes that will support the appearance of a feminine hijab but also still casual. You can also use the Black Graduation dresses.

So, what kind of clothes will you use to attend graduation?