Coffee, Eggs, Honey Really Increases Male Passion? This is the Explanation

Coffee, Eggs, Honey Really Increases Male Passion? This is the Explanation

Those who intend to increase sexual desire or hormones may have heard the suggestion to drink egg coffee with honey mixture.

Actually, what kind of nutrient content from the drink concoction is so much believed to be effective for increasing male libido? Can it really increase libido?

Sex drive in men is strongly influenced by the high and low levels of testosterone in the body.

Low levels of testosterone can be caused by many things.

Starting from the aging factor, disruption of testicular function, or side effects of certain drugs.

There are various ways that are known to be effective for increasing male sex drive. One of the most popular is to buy Viagra Online.

One of them is by drinking a concoction consisting of a mixture of coffee, honey, and eggs. What are the benefits of each ingredient?


As is well known, coffee contains caffeine. However, maybe not many know that the caffeine contained in coffee can also be used when exercising to increase testosterone levels. But keep in mind, keep consuming caffeine to taste and don’t overdo it.


Eggs contain various types of nutrients that benefit both the body, one of which is in increasing male libido.

Egg yolk is one source of vitamin D, where vitamin D is known to increase testosterone levels and improve the quality of semen containing sperm cells.

However, be careful because besides being a source of vitamin D, egg yolks also contain high cholesterol which is clearly not good for your health.

If you have a history of high cholesterol, limit consumption of egg yolks. In addition, consult with your doctor whether you can drink concocted egg coffee to increase arousal.


Honey is often used as an additional drink, including a mixture of raw eggs.

In addition to the sweet taste that can neutralize the taste of other mixtures, honey is also rich in content which is believed to increase sex hormones in men.

The mineral content of boron in honey is mostly associated with increased testosterone levels to increase male sex drive.

In addition, nitric oxide contained in honey plays a major role in launching blood vessels in order to maintain an erection, thereby increasing the volume of semen produced.