5 Tips for Getting Soft and Shiny Hair

5 Tips for Getting Soft and Shiny Hair

Dear, who is a woman who doesn’t want soft and smooth hair like a runway model? But sometimes reality is inversely proportional to expectations. Tangled and unruly hair is more often obtained. Well, don’t worry, ladies. You can still get soft, shiny and manageable hair like a salon treatment with the Steam Flat irons.

Here are 5 tips for getting the following soft and shiny hair! Come on, look!

  1. Like sports or other outdoor activities?

For those of you who have rough-textured hair, you should avoid tying your hair into a high ponytail. Choose a hairpin or use a cloth tie instead of plastic, which is friendly with rough hair texture. Also, always bring a hairbrush that was created to break tangled hair without breaking it.

  1. Choose a shampoo with basic ingredients that function to soften hair like keratin, water, and glycerin.

Keratin is a content in shampoos that can help reduce tangles and keep hair soft throughout the day. Water keeps it from remaining sticky after shampooing. While glycerin is responsible for helping fight frizz because of its ability to absorb up to the hair shaft and moisturize it from the inside, it also creates a layer of protection in the outer layer of the hair so it does not break easily even though using hair styling tools with high heat.

  1. After using shampoo, the use of conditioner after that is equally important.

The problem of developing and creasing hair is the lack of moisture in the hair. However, moist air can also be the cause. Yes, when you are active, your hair loses moisture, becomes a haircut, or the outer layer of your hair shaft opens and absorbs the surrounding air, which makes hair frizzy and unruly! So, also use a conditioner containing keratin and glycerin to maintain hair moisture.

  1. When you want to arrange your hair, use a heat protector first from the top of the head to the tip of the hair.

Heat protector serves to help protect the hair from the negative effects of heat styling hair styling tools and make the hair look shiny. However, avoid hair roots because it will make your hair oily faster. Choose a spray product that is practical and made from water so the hair doesn’t feel sticky.

  1. After that, let the hair dry 80{02ca71ab71926cc82cb4a05777d061c9ebcec8854f22391dd71c141867ccf5ad} before you blow dry.

Did you know that hair is exposed to hot air continuously can absorb hair moisture! So, it is also recommended to use a diffuser on the hairdryer when drying the hair so that the hair is not rough, does not expand, and still resembles the original shape.