5 Surprising Facts You Don’t Know About Why People Buy Clothing

5 Surprising Facts You Don’t Know About Why People Buy Clothing

We as human beings need to be clothed for many reasons. The common reason why we buy clothes is for protection- of our skin to harsh weather conditions, of our bareness, etc. The other reasons differ from people to people.

There are different clothing stores both physical and online. ReviewsBird.com is a website where one can find the desired shop company to buy clothes online. The type of stores one gets clothes from also differs among persons, but that is not the main gist we are after.

In this article, you will find out 5 surprising facts about why people buy clothing.

  1. Emotional vacuum fill: This is a situation where people buy things to replace what they cannot and never will have. A person might purchase tons of hats of various designs and colors because he or she suffers from alopecia. If it is alopecia universalis, then the person’s hair falls out permanently. Therefore, in this case, the person buys hats to replace the hair they do not have on their heads. It is a pretty sad situation as it might cause psychological stress on the person.
  2. Ego stroking: Did you know that ego stroking could be the SOLE reason some people buy clothing? To entertain or attract the opposite gender, people sometimes make purchases; also, to have something better than others. To look like an aficionado; to satisfy a social status standard, often exceeding what is feasibly affordable to at least try to make it seem like they are operating at a greater position. Although the reason states ‘ego stroking’, this is common among people with low self-esteem. It is also an attribute of truly affluent people that are quite boastful.
  3. Reciprocity or guilt: Here, the purchase is done for someone else. This occurs when someone buys a person a present or does something extremely nice and/or unwarranted, usually an acquaintance, or someone generally not gift-worthy. Now, this person feels it is his or her turn to repay the favor in the next chance. A piece of clothing could be the returned favor.
  4. Addiction: This is beyond the normal human operating system’s scope, but it happens and accounts for more purchases than any of us can understand. You have probably bought clothing for no particular reason but just for the sake of buying it. While it might seem like a general funny reason why we buy clothing, it is a serious problem for a few people. You can control the urge to make an unnecessary purchase, but some others have no control.
  5. Adventure: Why else would anyone wear a hairy chest swimwear if not to be daring? The fact that people actually buy the ridiculous clothing items exhibited on fashion runways is quite…well, surprising. But it is just like visual art where some people appreciate abstract art– what others regard as a weird kind of art. Same with adventurous fashion. It shouldn’t be too surprising that some people buy clothing for adventurous purposes- their personal taste.

There are always surprising facts to learn about many aspects of our lives, and some people’s reasons for buying clothing are one of the things that constitute these surprising facts.