Why Uniforms Are Always A Good Idea For Your Employees

Why Uniforms Are Always A Good Idea For Your Employees

There has been a massive shift in office based clothing over the last half century. Even if during the war years there was a conscious effort to wear the best clothing, and look smart at all occasions, it was going to be the case that trends would shift.

Today’s work environment was always going to be a complex one. We have lost many of the traditional style jobs to new technology and developments in the workplace with things like flexi-times means that the average worker, especially in the office is going to look for comfort and try to find ways to relax, especially in the way they dress.

Of course, this approach has led to some confusion and inappropriate dress wear. A solution to avoid such instances has become the re-introduction of uniforms.

Uniforms conjure ideas about school, and popular food outlets of the 1970s, however, times have changed and the options for custom work wear have greatly increased over the years to bring style and comfort to the workplace. There are even studies showing how a uniform can be a great idea to incorporate into the working environment.

Here are just some ideas as to how a custom uniform can be a good idea for employees.

Professional image

One of the best ways to make your employees stand out from the crowd is by bringing in uniforms. Not only are you improving brand identity, it can also work as a casual method of free advertising in local communities – especially important for businesses that work within the local community!

Establish company brand and vision

Continuing from the first point, establishing a brand identity is a priority for businesses that have a role in dealing face to face with customers. For example food establishments such as McDonald’s, no matter where they are around the world, have the same uniform, down to their footwear. Customers identify with brands and can feel that they’re brought to ease by this recognition as well.

Strengthen teamwork

Think about sports teams playing together, think about children learning, look back to doctors and nurses  helping people, and you will see how a uniform brings people together to work towards a common goal. Whether a uniform or professional unified look is applied, studies have shown that targeting a business goal is what is essential to building teamwork.

Increase productivity

The best example of this is actually looking at people that go to the gym. When you have someone in gym gear they will feel more focused to work out than attending the gym in their suit. There are numerous studies that point to uniforms increasing productivity. These studies also back up other studies which conclude when someone is dressed down and in their comfortable clothing such as slacks, they are less likely to work and do so productively in a workplace.

Pride and responsibility

If people are in a uniform or dressing to a code, then that can spur a team to feel pride in their workplace and the job they have. If someone doesn’t adhere to that, it can cause a lack of motivation for those in the team. It’s about company image and people feeling responsible for it. Instilling a sense of pride will help the business and its staff move towards a clear identity of what the business does and where it is going.