Every household has a requirement of a fully furnished and equipped kitchen. From knives to baking instruments, people are often crazy for attractive kitchenware. When it comes to shifting from one place to another, you have to ensure you have enough kitchen equipment to fulfill your needs for meals. To save yourself from the extra costs of buying new kitchen tools when you shift to a new area needs planning and checking your list of required items before moving to another place.

Kivanta is a German website with a wide variety of kitchenware and other essentials for babies and homeware. Visit the website to get insight into the latest kitchenware trends near you. Here is a checklist of the kitchen essentials you need when you shift to German.

·       Carry eating utensils like plates, bowls

Washable plates and dishes are a good idea when moving to a new locality as it will save you the costs of buying utensils again and again. Do not forget to keep eating bowls and plates with forks and knives with yourself so you can save your time for packing and unpacking. Although you can buy new dishes slowly after settling in Germany, saving expenses is a good idea for later use.

·       Storage containers

Carry different-sized containers with yourself to save your time cooking a new meal each time. You can also carry plastic bags to keep your leftover food fresh and long-lasting. It will help you preserve your leftover food without the fear of being contaminated as you can store it in a refrigerator.

·       Carry spice jars and storages

A meal without spices and salt is less favored in European households. Do not forget to accompany your spice storage with you when shifting, as you won’t be able to enjoy your food without it.

·       Pack Toaster, Microwave, and baking machines

For an easy and tasty breakfast, you need to ensure these three things are in your luggage. Apart from that, you will need a microwave to warm your leftover food and cook instant food easily thus, avoiding the expenditure of ordering food from expensive restaurants each day.

·       Carry Frying pans, Pots, and saucepans for cooking

When moving to Germany, you will need to organize your kitchen pots and utensils to carry the necessary pots for cooking and baking. These utensils will help you in the first few days of your sojourn into the new place as you will not be much familiar with the food and markets there.

·       Pick up essential cutlery

Cutlery is the most crucial kitchen tool when it comes to cooking and baking. Try to carry the essential cutlery like knives, tongs, and spatula to stir food.


Germany is well known for its tradition of food and eatables. Houses in Germany are generally equipped with kitchenware for fundamental uses. Other essential tools are to be carried with you when starting residence in an area where you are not familiar with the marketplaces and shopping centers in the beginning.